Friday, July 13, 2012

Tata Gala: Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet was done specifically for an annual exhibition last year called, Tata Gala. It received a Distinguished Merit and is on the site's online exhibit. While Little Miss Muffet was in the online exhibit, Year of the Tiger entered the actual exhibition at Florida. It was a real pleasure to get into and help breast cancer victims.

For those who don't know what Tata Gala is, it's a yearly exhibition that depicts the theme of breast, most artist display tasteful erotic works. It is founded by two fellow Ringling College of Art and Design alumni named, Erik Jones and Nick Burch. The two have amazing work people should check out.

In the submission process, each artist pays a fee to enter, that money goes to helping breast cancer and research to cure it. If you choose to sell your work, a portion of the money will go to the cause and the rest to you. You may choose to give everything you received from your sold piece to the cause or refrain. It was fun to be a part of.

When I depicted this girl, I had inspiration from the classic fairy tale, Little Miss Muffet and modern film, Chicago. It lead to an overall thought on the rolling 20's, the mafia, show girl, brothels and what not. Ideas that you'd see in Noir stories.

Miss Muffet isn't the girl's name depicted in the picture. It's a false title. In fact, she doesn't recall her real name anymore.  Muffet is owned by an illegal organization called,The Arachnid. Her body is branded in tattoos showing anyone who is near know who owns her. If this doesn't help, her collar should identify her allegiance.

In all honesty, Miss Muffet never wanted this life and struggles to escape. She wishes for freedom, to sing, to write, to dream, and be her own woman. She recalls a safer and warmer time of wide blue skies, jasmine fragrance, gentle winds, and sweet giggles of innocence surrounding her, easing her to slumber. However, the thought is so far down memory lane its hard to hold on to. She wonders if it really existed or if it was all a figment of her mind longing for peace.

To run away is to be killed, and so the never ending spiral of darkness consumes the poor girl into despair. In the eye of the public, she is a classy and elegant courtesan. To the Arachnids, a useful 'ear' and 'eye'  to watch for their enemies. After all, no one expects a pretty dame spreading her legs to be smart, right? Pssh. Fools. However, when all is silent and she is behind her own closed doors, she is a broken porcelain doll in the dark wanting salvation.

Since it was one illustration, I don't think I thought more on the story after that. If I did, this tale would probably be a romantic action packed thriller using fairy tale symbolism, drug induced wonderlands, deep husky women singing sad tunes, euphoric escapism, classic bullet totting, underworld politics, smokey bar clubs, hidden agendas, girl power, and a bitter happy ending. I imagine I would trying to figure out a story that would get her free to be her own individual. She would have to wield her inner courage, strength, and intelligence to pave her own path. Who knows? Maybe I will one day, but I need to research the culture better first. Can't do a interesting story without understanding that, which one lacks and in my case, the time period. I know the fashion, but the culture, the dialect, the history... I'm lacking. I know some things, but not enough in my opinion. Knowledge is power! To the library~!!! I'm such a dork. XD

COPYRIGHT: Story concept, character interpretation, and illustration belongs to J.S. Choi (c) DO NOT USE! Original Miss Muffet is free domain. Mine is not. Don't use!

MEDIA: Ink, Texture, & Photoshop

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