Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flames That Clash Against Me (Orig. Ver.)

It's pretty simple. I wanted to draw dragons and knights. Proper fantasy paintings with a real time setting of foreground, midground, and background. It is something I wanted to try for a while. I just never had the time. This is one of the first of many fantasy paintings I want to depict in the future.

In this piece, I really had fun designing the dragon and the female paladin knight. I kind of had a comical idea in my head when painting this piece. I wondered what the paladin was thinking fighting a dragon in a sky kingdom where any move could make her fall to her doom. I imagined constant swearing. I also imagined her complaining about hurting the next morning, getting scars on her shield arm to match the one on her face, and the idea of retirement sounding pleasant. Oh, and how really hungry she is. ...Maybe the dragon does have something to worry about. Fighting a brave paladin is one thing. It's another to fight a brave, fearless, cranky, hungry, and tired paladin. Hopefully, it's not her time of the month.

... ... ... ...

The dragon should seriously leave the area than fight. It's gonna be screwed and eaten. O___O Never mess with femme fatales!

"Dragon Cuisine!" -Slayers TV series.

When I depicted the dragon, I thought of animal mechanics that would be fun to hint at. If the beast was frightened enough, it could blow fire out of its horns as a last minute resort. The horns are hollow. I made it if the animal expanded its lungs and blew hard enough, fire would blaze from its nostrils, mouth, and two horns to cover more ground and defense that its spike covered body could not protect. When I drew the dragon, I think I called it a crimson triptych fire dragon or something similar. It's been a while since I illustrated this, but never the less, fun. I think I'll illustrate the dragon again one day to show this mechanic in full mode.

COPYRIGHT: Concept, character, and illustration belongs to J.S. Choi (c) DO NOT USE!

Media: Graphite & Photoshop

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