Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dare Devil & Elektra (Mock cover #1)

Oh, Dare Devil and Elektra... I never did get into these two Marvel characters. Not that fans liking it is bad, it's not. It's cool if you like them, it's just they weren't my cup of tea for numerous opinions that didn't satisfy me. To each their own, you know?

I visually liked Elektra, but never the story. I felt her character design could be fun to illustrate. The whole sai wielding ninja assassin schtick is always a sexy concept, plus she was your typical tall, dark, and beautiful with gorgeous blue or brown eyes. It's an appealing idea.

Dare Devil was too hard to believe as a story for me. Yes, I get most comics are fantastical or sci-fi, and so made up crap happens all the time- It's half the fun of the amazing genres. I gobble it up all the time. BUT! There are plot points, concepts to justify things or rules not to break! And just coughing up his abilities to radioactive substance bothers me. I also lack sympathy or relation to Murdock because rather than be crippled by his accident, it heightens many things in his body. So his loss of eyes is small to the comparison of gaining higher bodily senses due to the accident. Also, the whole 'The Man Without Fear' is a complete turn off. Everyone has fears and everyone has weaknesses that frighten them to some extent. This schtick makes him boring to me and unrelatable. I wish he was afraid of heights and he had to find obstacles to overcome this weakness when he is faced with it like Monk with his phobia of germs and blood in the TV show, Monk, or Indiana Jones with snakes. It would have made him human, but every time I read about him, he was so lacking as a character and stiff. I don't buy the whole martial arts, parkour/free running super hero. Martial arts yes. I believe that. There are plenty of blind martial artists. Parkour? Free-running? The philosophies and concepts makes it is hard for me to believe a blind man would go for it or concepts similar to it especially when you get to the advanced moves. Also, because the man seems so lacking, it's Kingpin who brings interest into the books when he is in an issue for me. Or Punisher for his stupidity and that isn't much as I find little pleasure reading about this guy.

So in the end for those who read this dissertation up to this point, you are probably wondering... Why did I do this fan-art if I give so little about him and Elektra?

It's the artists who drew him and Elektra that do it visual justice and make them seem fun to illustrate.

Marko Djurdjevic does Dare Devil's comic covers amazing justice with his artistic talent. So artistically orgasmic! Oh, and the amazing artist who inspired me to illustrate this piece is Bill Sienkiewicz. MY GAWD! I love his depiction of Kingpin, especially in the beginning and end of the short Dare Devil book he worked on called, Love and War. Truly a master in the comic world. I am also fond of his Moby Dick comic. It is most illuminating! I don't know how he does it! The art work just kicks ass so hard!

Also, like I said before, Elektra's design seems fun and her bandanna's whimsical nature is elegant. Oh, and who doesn't love sais!? The best characters wield them! Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Gabrielle from Xena: The Warrior Princess. The list could go on! Come on! Sais are sexy weapons. I haven't touched sais in a very long time, but they were fun to train with during the short while. I'm more of a bo staff and sword lover. But I do love pointy, sharp things. Daggers. Knives. Swords. Halberds. Naginatas. Etc. Never been a real gun fan, though I have an encyclopedia dedicated to the history of this weapon. O__O Did you guys know their was a real gun blade in history? It was crap, but it existed. I do recall it made more sense than Final Fantasy 8's gun blade. At least history's gun blade was suppose to work as a blade and a gun. It was epic fail, but the inventor tried. Oh, history... So much to learn and see. T^T :tears of joy:

This piece was a test to do a comic cover, and get into the mentality of the field and their compositional interest. I personally don't care for this cover, and found it lacking. It was never the less, a good experiment and a start to the other mock comic covers I worked on.

COPYRIGHT: Illustration belongs to J.S. Choi (c) DO NOT USE!
Copyright of Daredevil and Elektra belongs to Marvel(C).
Stan Lee and Bill Everett are his creator.
Elektra is Frank Miller's creation.

Media: Graphite & Photoshop

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