Saturday, July 14, 2012

Character Sketch 4: Yuki Onna

Demon Definition:  Yuki Onna- Snow woman is the literal translation. In Japanese myth, a yuki onna is a beautiful, female demon made of winter itself.  She appears to be a proper Japanese maiden. She can become the freezing wind and fog. She can turn to snow. She is from my understanding similar to Jack Frost in European myth. She is not the symbol of winter itself like Jack Frost, but she controls similar powers to him. She can take solid form usually in white and/or blue kimono. She said to never leave a trail behind in snow. She has pure alabaster skin and raven dark hair. It is not uncommon of her to freeze wayward travelers, especially those that offend her. In nature, she is a malevolent
                                                                          creature who takes joy in those that
                                                                          die in her blizzards.


Artist Note:  This is my interpretation for the Yuki Onna as I pondered her habitat, life style and physical mechanics as a demon.

COPYRIGHT:  Character Design belongs to J.S. Choi (c). DO NOT USE!

Media: Graphite

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