Saturday, July 14, 2012

Magic, the Gathering issue #2 samples

Professional work done for IDW. These are a few of the sample pages I help paint. I assisted the  main colorist, J. Edwin Stevens for IDW's Magic, The Gathering comic. It was interesting working for IDW with this project. The story is interesting. The line art is gorgeous and so breathe taking! The colors J. Edwin Stevens did are well thought out and help guide the story from panel to panel. Stunning. 

It is a visual work any Magic fan or fantasy lover should check out, and not because I worked on it. Sincerely! Truly! I really think its that visually fun and the thoughts the line artist and colorist put into this series beautiful. If you loved Disney's Tangled character, Flynn, you'll like Dack. He is a swashbuckling thief with a heart of gold who constantly gets into trouble. He's also happens to be the main hero in the comic and a new plains walker.

                          Copyright of Magic, The Gathering belongs to IDW and Wizards of                             the Coast©.
                           © IDW/WoTC
                           Linework by Martin Coccolo©
                          Coloring by J. Edwin Stevens/level20artist©
                          Color assistant by J.S. Choi©

Media: Painter & Photoshop collab

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