Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moonlit Night & Brutish Bane

This piece is the first proper fantasy piece I've done that has a cat girl, an elf, a magical wild cat, and an ogre-like giant covered in the skull of hunted warriors, nasty boils, and pimples over its sharp hooked face, hairy vessal, and gnarly fingers.

It's a pretty simple story.

The traveling companions lay around an open fire to rest for the night. Then! An unwanted guest, the brutish bane invades their peace. Classic and to the point. Commence battle! Roll initiative! XD

I had loads of fun designing the characters and sketching different ideas and silhouettes before deciding which version of each character I would use for the illustration.

COPYRIGHT: Concept, character, and illustration belongs to J.S. Choi (c) DO NOT USE!

Media: Graphite, Texture, & Photoshop

1 comment:

  1. Sweet! I rolled a 15! Plus I was smart so I took Improved Iniative and get plus 4! Badass perception skills.

    haha.. also sweet illustration. I really like the composition.