Saturday, July 14, 2012

Huntress VS Black Canary(Mock cover #4)

Dinah(Black Canary) and Helena(Huntress). Two awesome DC characters (Yes, I like DC and Marvel equally. None of this rivalry of who is better non-sense). I love them, particularly in Bruce Timm's Justice League animated TV series. I do love them in some comic series but Bruce Timm just makes anything he touches gold. Is there anything this man has done that isn't loved? Vampriella. Justice League. Batman, the animated series. Batman Beyond. Seriously!

Now then! I shall stop my fan raving heart and blush profusely for geeking out immensely to this amazing artist. I shall now commence the point of this artist comment with my mock cover of Huntress and Black Canary.

The two characters in this piece are from the known comic company, DC, particularly in series titles, Justice League, Batman, and Birds of Prey. Helena and Dinah's relationship is a solid friendship. Each heroine has her different idea of justice.

One believes in protecting the innocent no matter the cost, even breaking a few rules and bones. It doesn't matter if she looses her innocence, being consumed by darkness isn't so bad to her. She would rather save those who desperately need it, and if she has to kill the bad guy to do it, she will. This is her view in being a heroine.

In fact, she will even end a force of evil permanently if she could. She hates the idea that most of the law will simply let the scum loose to hurt the innocent again. They do the crime, a hero catches them, they get sent to prison, get loose from prison, and repeats the cycle all over again. This bothers her and she is close to killing at points. Most of the time, someone stops her from ending a criminal's life. She is a woman, who lives in a corrupt city where the law is too tainted to try people fairly. This heroine's name is Huntress. She is the cape covered woman with raven hair, and holding two metal pipes striking aggressively in the illustration.

The other heroine is Black Canary. She is pure in some regards and has a good conscious on her shoulders. Even if things look down, she boosts her friends up as a leader. She is loyal to a 'T'. She believes in a no-kill policy. She also believes in second chances.

The law will punish those that deserve it, and help those who need a chance to be better as individuals. She believes in capturing villains and letting the scale of justice fairly weigh a person's sins. It isn't right as heroes to kill. They aren't the executioner. They aren't the judge. They are meant to help the laws set out improve and stay secure. This is what she believes.

I wanted to show that tension, the yin-yang philosophies between the two as they duke it out. I really wanted to show the strength, dedication, and conviction in their belief as well as show the sensuality and persona of the other.

Black Canary is fair in hair and skin. She is being more defensive than offensive, dodging and blocking her assailant- Her friend.

Huntress, the dark one, is aggressive and charging forth with all she has through her legs and arms swing pipes with vigor and anger.

I wish to show that tenacity, and yet show the battle like a dance. Beautiful and elegant, yet, dangerous and menacing. They are striking contrasts revealing a elegant and ugly side like a coin.

The process for this particular piece was a rough technique based on Adam Hughes' greyscale process. The technique is a balance between values painted traditionally with color painted digitally.

COPYRIGHT: Illustration belongs to J.S. Choi (C) DO NOT USE!
Copyright of Huntress and Black Canary belongs to DC(C).
Huntress' original creator is Mort Meskin.
Black Canary's(Dinah Lance) creators are Denny O'Neil and Dick Dillin.

Media: Graphite, Gouache, Marker, Watercolor, White Charcoal, & Photoshop

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  1. Really beautiful! I hate seeing Helena & Dinah fight, though...!