Saturday, July 31, 2010

Elven Noir: Retro

This is a pin-up based illustration with influences of noir and art nouveau that became more concept based than its original intent. My original inspiration though was the illustrator, Coles Phillips, creator of the Fade-Away Girls. I was so inspired by Phillips' girls that I felt the need to try the technique he used on his Fade-Away Girl series. For me who loves to put everything in a piece, every nuance and detail... It was quite a challenge to keep things simple in this illustration. Even now, I feel the Fade-Away Girl should have been more so simple, but as a final result- I'm still content. However, I think I will plan to do more Fade-Aways as a way to learn how to deal with graphic shapes, composition, and simplicity.

NOTE: DO NOT USE! Copyright of J.S. Choi(C) 2009

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