Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 to 4 hour painting

A calm, landscape painting I did a while ago at a Christian picnic gathering I was persuaded to attend around December in 2008. Sometime that day, I crept away to paint in some quiet and remote area far away from the community for about 3 to 4 hours. It was a nice escape. The air was cool. The few random strangers such as children came to talk. The birds chirped. A raccoon hide near the lake. Ducks swam. The nature was ever so pleasant... Till my mother somehow found me in her Christian driving crusade throughout the park with the Evil-Matriarch face that I know all you Asian gents and ladies know when faced with it. It always throws you into surprise to remember they can be insane at any turn, especially the gentle, naive ones! So I left the group cause I was sick of the preaching, I'm sorry! All that went through my head was:"SHE HAS ZOMBIE JESUS HUNTING/HAUNTING POWERS! HOLY SH--!" I was in an obscure place far from the picnic center they were at! I recall glaring at the sky mumbling obscene things. Now that I think about it as a memory, half the things she said and did were kind of funny. But yes, this odd event happened all for a quick painting session.

Media: Watercolor and gouache on blue tone paper. Pencil was barely used for composition.

Copyrights: Artwork belongs to J.S. Choi (C) DO NOT USE!

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