Thursday, September 23, 2010

Year of the Tiger 2010

This was something I finished back in April/May that I decided to post now. The girl was an inspiration from different Asian cultures and eras such as the Jomon era of Japan and other tribal ideas. The tiger's exaggerated build was influenced by the round mass of a bear. The tree was inspired by a tree I researched that I think was in the Tibetan or Chinese area. I can't remember at the top of my head. One other influence I had was the environmental issue that occurs as humanity continues to spread more of their territory with the wildlife having less places to live rather than living in harmony. However, the later influence is rather subtle as the colors make the mood of the piece rather light rather than dark themed. I don't think anyone would honestly notice the hint unless I had mentioned my inspiration. If anyone did, I'm glad. If not, no harm and no foul; I didn't expect anyone too. :grin: With that said, I hope everyone enjoys the piece.

Media: Textured paper, digital painting with photoshop, and pencil. I'd say most of the work was done by pencil, but alas, that's an opinion. :smile:

Copyrights: All rights belong to J.S. Choi (C) DO NOT USE!

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